Our Sales Channel

Our sales team comprises of hardworking and experienced individuals, that allow our products to be distributed in different markets. At the moment we are focusing our resources and efforts in distributing our products in two main markets in Malaysia.

Wholesale Market

Wholesaler companies that are interested in distributing our products such as Dates, Nuts, Dried Fruits & Fresh Fruits, are one of the main customers of us. We support them in different states in Malaysia, and also by supplying and delivering our products to their respective markets. As our capabilities in sourcing and production is close to non, we are also able to provide private labelling for some of our products in this market.

Food Service Market

Food service customers are those that are mainly active in supplying to industries, bakeries, airlines, restaurants, hotels, and any non-retail market which can consume our products in their basket. We have a long list of healthy products which can be supplied in Bulk or Pack, to suit better our customer’s needs.